About Us

It all started with a plane trip....and chocolate. A large-scale, award-winning Event Producer and a Third Generation Chocolatier started talking about how the perfect event would be one that was dripping in chocolate where no matter if you were 2 or 102 -- you would feel like a Kid in a Candy Store.

As the conversation progressed, it flowed into the amazing history of the cocoa bean and how Montezuma, Napoleon and King Louis IV all made chocolate part of their daily routine. Did you know that chocolate comes from a bean that grows on a pod that actually hangs on the trunk of a cocoa tree? And, it is the delicate mixture of beans from a variety of soils and climates that gives most chocolate its signature flavor? How about that Chocolate Milk after an intense workout helps to repair muscle mass? Oh...and that every single space flight has included chocolate in their meal program?

The science and production process of chocolate are amazing . The health attributes are impressive. The cultural, romantic and holiday significance are worldwide. And, the culinary creations that are possible with chocolate are beyond our wildest dreams (and taste buds!)

That's when they thought... Chocolate Deserves to be Celebrated!

They agreed that the event would be completely chocolate-centric. It will support the small businesses who share their passion for quality, handmade products; the talented pasty chefs and chocolatiers whose artistry and skill make magic out of chocolate; and the groups that continue to educate about chocolate and bring all that is wonderful about chocolate directly to our guests to enjoy.

With a handshake and the ceremonial snap of a good piece of dark chocolate....The Festival of Chocolate was launched.

Welcome to our Chocolate Celebration in Orlando, Tampa, West Palm Beach!

We trust that you will indulge, learn, play, experience and most of all.... feel like a Kid in a Candy Store.

See you There!

Aileen, Edgar and the Entire Festival of Chocolate Team

Festival of Chocolate Team